Moses Bloom
Born 1838 in Lodz, Łódzkie, Poland PL
Died 1916

Moses Bloom died on December 9, 1916. He was the son of Joseph and Leah Bloom. He married Dora Perlstone and had six children: Mortimer G., Lillian, Sophia, Sarah (Sallie), Henry David, and Stella. He helped organize New Beth Israel congregation (Grape St. Shul) in Syracuse in 1854.

Lillian Bloom Mendelsohn 1869–1944
Sophia Bloom Pike 1874–1946
Sarah Bloom Barnett 1877–1955
Burial Location
Dora (Perlstone) Bloom
Born 1848 in Rushia RU
Died 6/12/1910 in Syracuse, NY